Functional Adult Literacy Programme (F. A. L.)

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The percentage of adults who can not read and write in rural areas is 85%. The program’s goal is to teach them how to read and write and acquire basic knowledge of calculus.

Lectures began in June 2015 for a nine months period, with the participation of 45 women and 2 men. It is held three times a week, two hours a day.

It is clear that women are disadvantaged. Girls leave school before boys and many of them have never gone because they have had to take care of their siblings, work in the field or just because their marriage is arranged to an age when they are still children.

But it is also true that there is a minority of women with a position of responsibility in local meetings at Kimya and Kasenda. They are trying to change things through their collective. F.A.L. teacher is one of them.

The project is carried out by the department of social and economic development of the ugandan government that has provided the necessary books for this purpose. Group participants contribute with notebooks and pencils and Kelele Africa pays the teacher’s salary.



Anti-Malaria Campaign: We delivered a mattress, a blanket and a mosquito net to 274 families in the community of Kasenda

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Vitamin A: In order to improve the overall health of children, we give two doses of Vitamin A per year to all children between 6 months and 6 years, promoting greater protection against childhood blindness and other diseases. The vitamin is provided to us for free by the NGO Healing&Wings.

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Health: We delivered 500 pairs of shoes to all children from Ruigo academy and St.Francis School.

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We organized a surgical campaign in Fort Portal hospital with a spanish team of pediatric surgeons (October 2013). 45 interventions were performed on children with severe and complicated diseases.

Local hospitals near Kasenda lend their facilities and spanish doctors contribute with their knowledge and skills. They provide training for local professionals in addition to helping patients.