In August 2011, we completed the construction of our first project in Uganda: a sewing workshop in Kasenda, near the school of Ruigo that we also collaborated with during the early years. Mothers learned a trade while their children were at school.

The workshop, equipped with 15 sewing machines, supplies and fabric needed for its operational running, a trainer and workers who are students from previous years, has seen more than 90 men and women complete the training cycle.

The workshop is divided into two sections, vocational course, clothing workshop.


Vocational course

Consisting of 6 months of training for 6 students. In total, 12 students per year. Upon completing an internship, a sewing machine is given to the best student, as well as the possibility to be part of the team of sewing professionals that is made up of the best students from earlier courses.


Clothing workshop

Clothing workshop, in charge of manufacturing uniforms for area schools that request them and alterations and individual jobs that are required of our professionals. Those working in the workshop earn the full amount paid for these orders. Kelele Africa also pays them for any garment and handicraft that is made to sell in charitable street markets that take place in Spain throughout the year and that help sustain the workshop and the rest of the projects that we have in the area.


With the experience we have acquired during this time, and thanks to changes we have made, it pleases us to know that the sewing workshop sustains itself and is a reference in the areas of Kasenda and Kimya.