In order to cover part of the expenses generated at Kumwenya School, at the end of 2016 wooden huts were built on the same site where the school is located, but with views of the beautiful Mwamba Lake, so that they can be used by solidarity tourists and volunteers that go throughout the year. The objective is to give sustainability to the educational project of Kumwenya School with the benefits generated by the cabins, but also to contribute to the empowerment of the community by hiring only local people for the management and maintenance of the Lodge and facilitating that artisans from the area can come to offer a variety of workshops and crafts to tourists to improve their own economy.

We also help to organize customized safaris. We work with Edris and his company Safari with Edris. We have total confidence in him due to his professionalism, organizational capacity, kindness and constant good humor, apart from offering the best rate in the market.


  • 3 cabins: one with two beds , one queen and one with 6 beds( 3 bunk beds ). Mosquito nets, towels and sheets for each bed.
  • 2 showers and 2 toilets
  • dining and relaxation area
  • meals





  • Workshops of local crafts such as basketry and African dance.
  • Better contact with the local people.
  • Visit to the surrounding National Parks: Queen Elisabeth and Ishasha (sub-contracting with Safaris with Edris).
  • Excursions through the Crater Lakes passing through villages
  • Visit our projects: sewing workshop, clinic and Kumwenya school.
  • Participate in any of the projects in which you can organize a workshop or extracurricular activity with the children of Kumwenya, get to know firsthand the health situation in rural areas by spending a morning in our clinic and/or help in the sewing workshop by teaching something new or cutting patterns.



Prices for Tourists:

  • Bed and Breakfast: 20€
  • Meals: 10€ each
  • Full Board: 35€

Prices for volunteers (mínimum 15 days stay): 15€/day full board.