Good work deserves a reward


Promoting equality of women and men represents dignity, independence and justice for them but above all, a fundamental right is given: the right to choose and decide for themselves.

Helping women to be autonomous and independent is one of our priorities by providing them professional training.

In August 2011 we completed the construction of a sewing workshop equipped with 15 sewing machines, a teacher and the necessary tools and materials for the implementation of the workshop. So far 76 women and two men have completed the training cycle. Due to our progress, we have improved and made changes so the sewing workshop is self-sustaining right now and a landmark in the Kasenda and Kimya área.

It has been divided into two sections:

– Training Course which consists of a 6-month training for 12 students. At the end of practice, the best student is given a sewing machine and also the possibility to join our professional team which has been created with the best students of each course.

– The sewing workshop. On one hand our team takes orders from the community to make school uniforms and other arrangements. All benefits go directly to the workers.

On the other hand, Kelele Africa orders and pays many items for resale in its solidarity markets in Spain for the sustainability of the sewing workshop and support for other projects.

Women in Africa are the biggest boost to sustainable economic development. They are the engine of Africa!

Our next target in the medium term will be to turn the sewing workshop into a cooperative.