Education is a fundamental pillar in the fight against poverty and the promotion of equality, freedom and the development of communities, because it gives each person the tools and knowledge they need to earn a living with dignity.

To give you some statistics, according to the latest Unesco Global Education Monitoring Report published in 2017, (the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture), as in previous years, Sub-Saharan Africa (African countries that do not border the Mediterranean) continues to be the region with the highest rate of school unenrollment across all age groups.  There are 263 million unenrolled children in the world.  Click here for the full report:

Uganda, the country that we work in, has one of the youngest populations of the entire continent.  More than half of the population is under 18 years old, however, only one fourth of them go to high school. In recent years, the Ugandan Government achieved a 99% enrollment rate for youth enrollment in elementary school.  However, due to lack of financial means, a large number of these children drop out before completing this level.

In our area of activity, most of the families live below the poverty line (earning less than 1€ a day). They face very real challenges to paying for everyday expenses, and more specifically, to paying for their children´s education.

Kelele Africa is concerned about these statistics, and, moreover, about these people.  In the years that we have been working here, we have seen how important it would be for young people to have access to quality education that would help them continue their high school and higher education studies and also, we believe, bring about economic growth and greater stability to the country.

With this in mind, in 2014, we created a scholarship program that gives an opportunity to those who need it most.  Since then, over 320 kindergarten, elementary and high school students have directly benefitted from this program.

The selection is based on each family´s needs and commitment to their children´s education and is carried out among children attending schools that the organization collaborates with.

Kelele Africa must locate people, in Spain and other countries, who want to participate in our scholarship program; possible sponsors who are willing to make yearly payments to cover matriculation, uniforms and school supplies.