Who are “Las Kelelas”?

In Spain

Eva Henrich– Founding partner of Kelele África.

President of the association. Holds a Bachelor´s degree in Business Administration from Boston University.  Has worked in fashion for 22 years until travelling to Uganda in 2007 for the first time, where she fell in love with the country and its people. After three more trips, the third one as a volunteer in Kasenda, she founded Kelele Africa in February 2012 together with Chelo Morueco. Both women manage, direct and coordinate the association while working, hand in hand, with the Ugandan coordinator.

Chelo Morueco de la Fuente– Founding partner of Kelele África.

Secretary for the association. During her profesional career as team manager and head of the Societies, Advisors and Directors Annual Directory, she focused on commercial and financial information. With more than 13 years of experience in International Cooperation, both as a volunteer and a paid employee, she has also worked in different areas such as project management and sales. Together with Eva Henrich, she works in the direction and coordination of projects in Kimya and Kasenda (Uganda).

Berta Grasset Jiménez– Architect, actress and costume designer, she collaborates with Kelele Africa as a volunteer in the design and construction of the Kumwenya Eco-School.

Emma Herrero– Head of Human Resources for software development projects. She worked with Kelele África in 2012/13 as a project coordinator in Uganda. Since 2019 she collaborates with Kelele África helping as a Content and Social Media Manager.

Ana León– She left computer consulting a few years ago to do other things.  Then, she found Kelele Africa in Uganda and ever since, she has collaborated in every area she can, while trying to learn things she does not know about. Sometimes she even proposes crazy ideas that Kelele actually puts into practice.

In Uganda

Joanitah Nakandi– President of Kelele Africa Uganda, which is registered as a local NGO. She studied accounting and was director and trainer of a musical and dance group in Uganda. She has worked with Kelele Africa since 2013 and helps coordinate all of the projects in Kimya and Kasenda.

Olivia Namirembe– Accountant in Uganda.