Companies that would like to collaborate and participate actively, using their resources to help those who need it most. There are many options and here are some examples:

  • Sponsor a project: We present a project to you and you help us carry it out.
  • Travel to Uganda and collaborate in one of out projects: Come visit us with your family and/or friends and see how we are doing while enjoying your stay at our Lodge
  • Solidarity events: Any idea on your side will seem good to us. We can organize a fair in your offices with all the products and garments done in our sewing workshop and by other Ugandan artisans. In addition, we can also offer dance workshops and African music concerts.
  • Corporative volunteering: Present a project to your company and involve your colleagues in charitable causes to contribute to our community.


An important value is sharing and that is what we want to do, to share with the children and teachers what we do in Uganda and particularly in “Kumwenya school”, in the community of Kimya.

  • Talks: We will do it in a very visual and interactive way, showing through videos a tipical day in the life of an african child. We will talk about similarities and differences, about inequalities, about the consequences of not having running water …
  • African dance workshops: Learning to recognize the different rhythms, instruments and sounds so that everybody can move their body and dance to the purest African style, with dance workshops where all the children and teachers of the school can participate.
  • Concerts/Activities: The African continent expresses everything through music, rhythm and dances. Under the rythms of djembé, which according to oral tradition means “reunited in peace”, drums and other African instruments, we will gather together to do a tour of the dances, rhythms and songs of different countries in Africa. “ Blood and race is rhythm. When Africa expresses its rhythm, Africa is the entire Universe”.
  • Solidarity Fairs: With African products made in the sewing workshop of Kimya (Uganda), in addition to typical products purchased from local artisans.