Education means a job opportunity that equals a more dignified life!


Eco-School in Kimya (nursery and primary)

Kumwenya was inaugurated as an eco-school in February 2015 and it is a 100% Kelele Africa project. We are working for quality education with well-trained teachers. All our students are sponsored to be able to cover their schooling, school materials, lunch and health insurance.

2019 Nursery and Primary Fee: 116€ (includes lunch)

Payments: Annual or two payments (January and July)

With 116 € each child will have a quality education, school material, uniform and a medical insurance that covers all hospital expenses and medicines in case of accident or illness, in addition to a balanced and nutritious diet. The school year in Uganda begins in February and ends in December. In 2018 there will be 25 new Baby Class students who may need your help and collaboration.

Form for Sponsoring in Kumwenya


Nursery And Primary School in Kasenda

Ruigo Academy is the school where we made the first summer camp in 2011 and the “culprit” that Kelele Africa is working in Kasenda since then. Ruigo students were the first children with whom we shared experiences and who showed us the educational problems that exist in rural areas. In 2013 we started with the scholarship program, committing ourselves to always having 20% of its students sponsored to help, on the one hand, the most needy children and to ensure, on the other hand, that the school is able to pay the salaries of half of its faculty.

Children: 350 – Sponsored: 70

2019 School Fees: 50€ / year

Payment: Annual

The sponsorship fee includes tuition, school material, uniform and medical insurance (new from 2018).

Form for Sponsoring in RUIGO ACADEMY


Secondary School in Fort Portal

More than half the population in Uganda is under the age of 18, but only one-fourth are in secondary school. The problem is that there is a big shortage of high schools in rural areas. This situation forces students to go to boarding schools, which makes secondary education more expensive and difficult for most families to access. Thanks to the sponsorship program, we can help students of several schools in Kasenda and Kimya, who have finished primary with good grades, to continue on to higher education in secondary schools in Fort Portal.

2019 Fee: 330€ per year 

Payment: quarterly 82,50€ (January, April, July and October)

biannual 165€ (January and July)

Includes boarding, tuition, uniform, school supplies and transport.

Form for sponsoring a student in high-school



Scholarships for Rosamystica Institute of Business and Vocational Training

Choosing to do vocational training instead of going to Secondary School is also a very good option in Uganda. At the Rosamystica Institute of Vocational Training they offer several courses, all very practical and which are relevant to the demand of the labour market.Students can choose between several basic training options. They have courses of 6 months (€ 350), one year (€ 500) for students having finished Primary Education, and two-year courses for those who have completed up to 10th grade or O’Levels (600 € / year).


The fees include schooling and accommodation, uniform and didactic material and transportation from home and back once per term.