“The teaching that leaves its mark is not the one done from head to head but heart to heart”

EDUCATION SPONSORSHIP OPTIONS: Choose and fill form according to your preference and send it to

To facilitate access to education in villages far from big cities is to help create change, not only for the youth, but also for their communities.

Since 2014 we are offering scholarships to give opportunities to students who begin their education in Nursery and Primary School as well as to those who have finished Primary School with remarkable academic record and want to continue into secondary education or opt for a vocational training course. Thanks to the sponsorship program the students have the possibility to improve their future perspective and living conditions. Every term the sponsors will receive the report card and pictures of the students and will be able to maintain simple communication through letters that volunteers of Kelele can take to Uganda when travelling to the country.



Eco-School in Kimya fro nursery and primary level created by Kelele África.

2022 Nursery and Primary Fees: 130€ per year

Payments: Annual or two payments (January and July)

With 130 € each child will have a quality education, school material, uniform and a medical insurance that covers all hospital expenses and medicines in case of accident or illness, in addition to a balanced and nutritious diet. The sponsors will receive a quarterly summary of all activities happening at school.

Form for Sponsoring in Kumwenya


Nursery And Primary School in Kasenda

2022 School Fees: 50€ / year

Payment: Annual

The sponsorship fee includes tuition, school material and uniform.

Form for Sponsoring in RUIGO ACADEMY


Secondary School in Fort Portal

2022 Fee: 360€ per year 

Payment: quarterly 90€ (January, April, July and October)

Biannual 180€ (January and July)

Montly 30€

Includes boarding, tuition, school supplies and basic health insurance.

More information: Sponsorship for high school students 2022

Form for sponsoring a student in high-school



Scholarships for Rosamystica Institute of Business and Vocational Training

2022 Fees: 600€

Payment: 4 terms of 150€ (January, April, July and October)

Includes tuition, boarding, school material and practicals


Vocational Institute in Kimya (Created by Kelele Africa and collaboration with Kihovil0)

12 months courses with the following options: Tailoring and Handcrafts or Hairdressing

2022 Fees: 150€

Payment: 150€ in January or 50€ in January, April and July

*Sponsor will pay tuition and course material
*Students will pay uniform, exams, practical experience and graduation expenses.
*Since Vocational Institute is in Kimya village the cost is greatly reduced, making it more accessible for local families. The sponsor will cover 75% of the training while the student will pay the remaining 25%