Sponsorship for high school students


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Most children in Uganda, after finishing primary school, can´t afford to continue studying. They end up working in the field with their parents or, in the case of girls, many are married off by their own fathers.
Kelele Africa has launched a sponsorship program to help these children continue their studies and therefore having increasing their chance at finding a job in the future.

We looked at several schools in the Fort Portal area and saw that prices range from 260 € to 500 € per year. Several years ago, we opted for Kabarole Adventist Secondary School, a boarding high school. There we already have 64 students from Kasenda and Kimya and, although very strict, it is quite a good. So at the moment it still seems to us the best quality / price option.

Due to the various prevention measures imposed in schools by the ministry of education to deal with Covid-19, the school fee plus boarding school accommodation has risen this year to € 360 per year. The sponsor may, if he wishes, also contribute a small amount as pocket money for the student.

Each student, with his/her father or guardian will have to sign an agreement, which commits him/her to strive and meet the standards of the school. Parents are also asked to collaborate with the requirements for boarding as mattress, sheets and towels.

Sponsorship in high school is initially set for four years, until the student reaches O Levels. Some students may then continue with vocational training or continue through high school two more years to obtain A Levels. If they chose to continue to the A Level, they will have access to university.

For those who are interested in giving this wonderful opportunity to a student in Uganda payments can be done monthly, per term, per semester or annually, transferring the right amount to the account of Kelele Africa.

Kelele Africa will also be monitoring each term students’ progress and sending the report card to the sponsor. In addition, Kelele Africa strongly recommends sponsors to develop some kind of relationship with the student through letter and photos exchange. This close contact is really important to the student who feels privileged to have someone who cares about his/her future.

Thank you for joining us in making their dreams come true!!

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