Kimya kids

Most families survive by working the land in rural areas and have no financial means to pay for the education of their children.

When they reach school age, parents must decide who will go to school and who will stay at home to care for younger siblings or to work with them. If they have several children of school age, the decision is even more complicated.

Parents enrol their children and pay the first term with a lot of sacrifice, but later on they stop paying the fees and, before the end of the course, the school will expel the child. This situation happens very often and too many talented children are left without the right of education and without a future.

Since we started in 2011, we have helped in different schools. We have a system of sponsorship / scholarship, depending on the academic year the child is attending.

We help:

70 children Ruigo Academy (nursery and primary)

5 children Model Christian School (primary-internal)

35 children in Divine Mercy (boarding)

126 children of Kumwenya Eco-School (nursery)

Kimya kids (1)
Education is the only way children have to thrive and contribute to the development of their community.

Help us to get it!