Rural women in Uganda face significant obstacles in accessing proper maternal health care. There are many reasons why these women do not receive the necessary prenatal care, wait too long to demand any type of care, or do not have access to emergency plans. Among some of these reasons is the lack of financial and logistical means. The majority of women in the Kasenda and Kimya community cannot afford the costs of antenatal visits for pregnancy monitoring, the required services and treatments, or even transportation from their homes to the clinic. Added to this is the long distance to the nearest hospital, which is 35 kilometers away, and the shortage of ambulances. Faced with these difficulties, most of them decide to live their pregnancy and delivery at home, assuming the risks and dangers that it entails.

This context, added to the current pandemic, which exposes pregnant women to even greater risk, contributes to the alarming maternal-infant mortality rates in the country. The maternal mortality rate in Uganda continues to be one of the highest in the world with 440 deaths per 100,000 live births (UNICEF data); being the majority of causes of death preventable. This situation, among others, has taken Paul & Martha Medical Center (PMMC), with which we collaborate, to set the goal of improving both the access and quality of maternal and child care.

From Kelele Africa, we invite you to contribute to PMMC’s Safe Pregnancy and Delivery Programme (SPRED) with a single donation of € 35, intended to guarantee that a woman in a vulnerable situation has a healthy and safe pregnancy and delivery. We believe that the medical monitoring of the pregnancy is vital for the proper development of the baby, which is why we seek to provide quality care during pregnancy and delivery, the necessary prenatal services and medical tests, possible emergency plans, as well as transportation to the clinic. A fundamental component of the programme is to involve women in all decisions involving them, as well as to advise them on issues such as birth control or the importance of periodic check-ups in pregnancy.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click on the button “Apply here” and fill in the form.
  2. Wire transfer the money in our account. Please remember to put your name and the word SPRED under “concept”.

As soon as we receive your wire transfer in our account we will send you all the information about the woman you are sponsoring.

Single Fee: 35€

With € 35 the mother will receive safe medical care throughout the pregnancy; covering all necessary services, tests and medications, transportation to the clinic for 4 visits, including on the day of delivery, and access to the hospital in case of emergency.

The sponsors will receive information about their sponsored mother (name, photo, age, family information), will be updated on the evolution of the pregnancy if they so wish, and will receive a picture of the mother and her baby after delivery.