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Kelele Africa is a non-profit organization established in November 2011 and registered on the National Register of Associations Group: 1 / Section 1 with the National Number 599 441.

Since July 2013, Kelele Africa is registered in Uganda as Kelele Africa Uganda so it can work as local counterpart.

In August of 2011 we travelled to Uganda with the purpose of helping a small community called Kasenda, near the border with Congo. A young ugandan student wanted to start a project to help women by creating a sewing workshop. Once we knew the needs of the area we flew to Uganda with enough money to start the construction of the actual building and to buy 16 sewing machines.

As construction was progressing, we were lucky to know that there was a small school, which was practically destroyed, where more than 160 children from the villages around were studying. We decided to work with them by teaching English, painting during the mornings and crafts and games in the afternoons.

On the way back home we couldn’t forget the needs that we had left behind, and wanting to respond to the most urgent problems we encountered, we created the Kelele Africa association.

Where we work

Kasenda and Kimya are two small villages in the Kabarole district located in western Uganda and separated from Congo by the Rwenzori mountains. As a rural area these villages have no electricity or drinkable water.  Our projects are focused on improving the future of women, ensure quality education for children and facilitate safe healthcare.

Kasenda and Kimya work programs

Empowering women: empowering women through apprenticeship so that they get their economic independence.

Education: ensure and achieve quality in education, working from the very beginning, in early childhood education.

Health: Construction of a health center to allow women in having a safe delivery, in healthy conditions, along with an important family planning and early intervention. Working with the community to get better food and drinking water.

All our programs are achieved with the collaboration of partners, donors and volunteers, who work together with the villagers by pooling all resources, listening to local people’s needs and helping in putting them into practice.


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